我叫Alex Fung各位可以叫我Alex。我來自於亞洲中的香港,一個人口稠密發展蓬勃生活節奏急促但同時亦是文化藝術沙漠的國際城市,而我正在沙漠中尋找容許我慢活的綠洲。
I am Alex Fung. I was born in Hong Kong, a city with high population, rapid development, fast pace, but also a desert of culture and art. I am searching for an oasis within the desert where allows me to live at my own pace.
Growing up in a city focusing more on economy than creativity, my parents are one of the ordinaries, who care more on my financial ability than my interests or other possibilities. My family doesn’t support my art career, and I haven’t lived up to their expectation. Isn’t it a form of art to rethink and counter the immutable mindset?
Everyone got their first time, and it’s usually full of frustration. However, the talented people are just the ones who never give up.
My first experience with photography happened in a camping trip when I was in primary school. It recorded the beautiful memory of the trip. However, photography and I actually met after I started working. I bought a film camera because I was attracted by the design of it. I wasn’t good at it as I wasn’t sure about the theory of film camera. Since then, I work hard to develop my skills and unique aesthetic.
Although I’ve studied Visual Art at high school, I hadn’t been serious about the subject, and I hadn’t imagined myself working in any art related sectors. After I started my photography career, the seek of fine details and the urge of pushing boundary have merged my work toward art. It may be the interesting connection between myself and art. I believe the boundary in photography has encouraged myself to rethink and refine the ordinary and creativity.
“Dream” may describe the creative process of my work. Comparing with step-by-step development, my process is more like a flash of “dream” in my mind, and I just create the “dream” in reality.
Daily life, religions, architecture, lighting from the nature are my inspirations. The more I know and understand, the deeper they influence me.
I would describe my work as the composition of light with the texture of Renaissance, and the combination of contemporary architectural design aesthetic with Asian culture and religions. Comparing with the boundlessness of art, my wedding shoot focuses less on religions, but I still keep the individuality for the audience
I haven’t been practical for digital image editing, but it is important for the business. I have a lot of ideas that I want to show the world, so I have put quite a lot of effect to develop my editing skills.
Instead of aiming to be an artist, I believe that I am chosen by art. I never intended to be an artist. Buy my sensitivity to beauty and details, also the seek of connotation and perfection have merged myself to art. It comes naturel to be an artist.
Future is full of fun and unknown, unpredictable just as the time when I started photography. I am the dream of my old self, and I cannot foresee the future of myself. I believe my future will be a dream for me at present. I just need to do my best.