Thousands of professional photographers around the world trust us to print and bind their tailor-made books, albums and wall art, using state of the art technology in combination with the finest materials and Italy’s world-renowned craftsmanship.

It’s not easy to condense the Graphistudio world into one single definition.
It is a world made of sensations, traditions, culture and Italian style.
Thanks to continuous innovations, this Company has been able to step forward as a prime mover in the wedding photography market.
Graphistudio has been the first Company in the world to introduce digital printing technologies in the wedding photography market.
What makes Graphistudio stand out from its competitors and make it a world leader is the attention to the detail and the unique approach that combines search for innovation, style and impeccable made in Italy quality.
"The Brand"
The identity of the Graphistudio brand has developed through the years while, at the same time, it remained deeply grounded to its roots. A strong innovative approach mixes with the Italian signature of the origins to create an unmistakable style. Two things that make up the Company’s core values.
Combining the uniqueness of the handmade binding, the most advanced digital technologies and the creativity of professional designers: this is the idea that gave origin to the book, and that found its natural development in the wedding market, becoming the Wedding Book®. Today, with 40 years of experience, we have set new quality and convenience standards, imposing once again the rules of the market. From the materials to the production process, from the customer service to the turnaround times, each aspect is essential for the success of our and your work.

"Made in Italy"
Those who love Made in Italy do so because they look for style, elegance, attention to the details: this is the idea of quality Graphistudio refers to when project its books.
Graphistudio books are known worldwide as one of the most accomplished examples of Made in Italy, distinguished for the accurate selection of materials, for research and development at the beginning of the creative process, not to mention the precision of the details. The printing quality is guaranteed thanks to strict procedures and to the expertise of the technicians. This staff calibrates our printers more than once a day, correcting every minimal flaw and making sure the photographer can enjoy a perfect constancy of colors.If this Company’s spirit must be summarized in a sentence, that sentence would be: attention to the detail. Attention for the product, but also attention for the people. When a product enters into people lives and remains there to fulfil a small, but unforgettable role in their story, it means it was done with dedication and love. We like to think that if so many couples trusted us, that’s because we as well are a big family.
The development Graphistudio enjoyed during the last 30 years has transformed it from Italian national leader to world leader. The internationalization process has not changed Graphistudio’s identity though, and the Company has maintained unaltered the values it was built on. Being projected towards international markets, Graphistudio combines the strategic vision and productivity of its Arba, Italy, headquarter with a widespread presence in the rest of the world, London, Marseille and Barcelona. This approach makes it easier to be contacted and to answer clients’ requests in a timely manner.
Throughout the years the Company has built an extremely competitive position on the markets, while constantly improving the level of customer service.

info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"Canvas Pro"
The most noble and classic form of artistic printing finds a new look thanks to the Canvas Pro.
Archival certified 12 colour printing, cotton canvas andan exclusive anti-glare “Touch” finishing are all assembled on a non-deformable planar element.
This canvas will never collapse, get loose or bulge and it is protected by the Touch finishing, offering an amazing combination of design and heritage.info from Graohistudio 
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"Completely finished for pure beauty from every angle."
You can identify a professional by their attention to detail. With a brand new clean design, with no visible mounting elements, our wall art makes photography enjoyable as never before. The meticulous precision to detail ensures the wow effect. Anything else on your clients walls will pale in comparison!
"Accurate and easy to hang."
Thanks to the special 3D molded polymer component, hanging your wall art has never been easier! For the first time, you can look at a product and find it irresistible in every aspect. The incredible finish to the back panel compliments the total quality that more and more professionals find essential today.
"Wood Fibre"
This extremely mouldable material, obtained from a mixture of cellulose and wood pulp, perfectly combines the natural look with durability and the lightweight offered by synthetic materials.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"A thin canvas, soft to the touch without stretch or bounce – a work of art."
The most noble and classic form of artistic printing finds a new look thanks to the Canvas Pro. The warmth of the cotton fabric, the deep saturated colors, the textile texture that charms at first touch, are all assembled to perfection on a non-deformable planar element. Soft but doesn’t stretch like other products currently on the market. Design and tradition unite to amaze you.
Exclusive anti-glare “Touch” finishing Stunning at sight, enticing on your finger prints. We have built our Canvas Pro to last over time, for an amazing feedback each time you will look at it, each time you will touch it. A silky surface, completely anti-glare for deep blacks and rich colors.
Archival certified 12 color HD printing A true fine art print with exceptional color accuracy and vibrancy. The technical superiority of the ink jet offers exceptional results with deep blacks and very high definition. This print is unalterable over time and ensures museum-like quality.
Seamless high-impact unibody wooden panel The poetry of your images deserves much more than a simple raw fir wood frame. The unibody wooden panel, designed for our wall art, offers beauty and pure class to your entire work of art. There are no staples or unsightly mounting. Finally, the right support for your photographic masterpieces!
Cotton canvas It should be obvious but often it is not…a good canvas respects the standard of fine art printing and therefore the base must be natural fiber. Polyester and PVC are poor imitations for the consumer market.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"Certificate of Authenticity"
"Certificate overprinting"
Add extra value to your Wall Art, finishing it with a “Certificate of Authenticity” on the back.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"Primo Book"
The modern book concept takes inspiration from simplicity as a form of true greatness. 
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
Every album is made à la carte by our artisans. 
"Pages and binding"
Leafing through a Primo Book instils an idea of infinity. The perfect binding, a classic used for the first time by Graphistudio in a primary wedding book, doesn’t necessitate any additional inserts and allows to contain from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 350 pages. Thanks to the new book structure, the page maintains a soft and fluid movement, highlighting the book concept. A Perfect binding, the most resistant option currently usable for digital books, is also available.
A brand new box is available as an addition to the book: shaped by elegant lines it encapsulates a surprising design. The opening mechanism of the top represents a new way of containing a book while preserving the minimalistic artistic expression in perfect harmony with what it contains. The Design Box is outstanding thanks to its unexpected lightness, specifically developed to support the book without adding weight to the larger sizes. The structure of the Design Box coordinates with different materials in various combinations, creating highly emotional chromatic and sensorial harmonies.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"Tintoretto Paper"

Tintoretto is one of the flagship brands among Fedrigoni’s (century-old paper mill in Italy) felt-marked papers and a namen synonymous for decades with refinement and elegance.Tintoretto is a beautiful Italian made felt finish paper with exceptional quality and a high quality uncoated paper and off-white shade.Manufactured specifically for HP Indigo presses.

info from Fedrigoni Website : https://paper.fedrigoni.com/
Simplicity has always been the best way to obtain pure elegance. Not only does the Folio Box offer this, you’ll also appreciate its clean lines and elegant style.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
At Graphistudio we believe in perceived quality. That’s why our choice of materials and colours offers the best in terms look and feel, either in case of genuine italian leathers.
This is not just the broadest catalogue, it’s the greatest added value to your creative ideas.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/

The Folio box offers a premium Italian leather to obtain a result that is timeless creating and a stunning result for a guaranteed wow factor.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
"Fine Art HD Matted Print"
Inkjet Technology
Fine Art Paper - Smooth
The best in terms of quality. Archival certified for museum quality results.

With its ability to reproduce onto paper the entire Adobe RGB colour space, the HD printing puts an end to the silver halide chemical age.
Vibrancy and black point are without precedent;
you have never before seen your pictures’ full power in so many ways.
It’s time to set them free and blow away your clients.
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
Our superior printing quality provides the most accurate representation of your files onto paper.
The HD ink-jet technology by Canon guarantees wider gamut, crispness and durability.

"HD printing, the revolutionary technology"
The HD printing enables you to reproduce extraordinary detail throughout an image, on HD Canon Dreamlabo 5000 printing technology.
Unprecedented dynamic range, extremely high resolution, deep blacks, plasticity of the skin tones, detailed shadows, vibrant colors and papers of extraordinary finishing. The longevity of these prints is certified at 300 years by the JEITA institute.

The HD Canon Dreamlabo 5000 features the most advanced printing heads in the World.
This incredible machine takes the FINE technology to the next level, up to 2400dpi.
Enjoy the crispness of the details, the plasticity of skin tones and the unmatched dynamic range.

Unlike the traditional silver halide printing, the HD Canon Dreamlabo 5000 doesn’t produce hazardous chemicals.
Say goodbye to tons of exhausted liquids, animal origin parts and toxic environment.

info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
The print itself has been guaranteed to have a life of 300 years before any noticeable loss of colour.

"The longevity of the prints is certified at 300 Years by the Jeta"
 (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association)
info from Graohistudio Website : https://www.graphistudio.com/
Thank you!
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