Alex Fung
Alex Fung
2021 World's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
2021 China's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
PPAC 國際十大攝影師
2019-2020 PPAC's Top 10 International Photographer
AsiaWPA 年度二十大攝影師
2019-2020 AsiaWPA's Top 20 Photographers of the year
2019 Hong Kong's Top 10 Wedding Photographer - One Eyeland
WPE 世界百大攝影師
2019 WPE  World's Top 100 Photographer
擁有PPAC亞洲專業攝影師公會 2 starts Master 憑證,活躍參與各國攝影協會活動。
He is a "PPAC Global 2-Star " Master Photographer, and actively participates in various International photographers associations.
美國WPPI 2020 (Print)
Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI) Print 2020
「風景照」第1名及 Gold Distinction Award
"Landscape" First Place & Gold Distinction Award 

美國WPPI 2018 (online)
Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI) online 2018
「Pre-wedding (合成)」第1名
"Pre-wedding Contemporary" First Place
"Bridal Couple/Models Together: Non-Wedding Day" Second Place

美國WPPI 2020 (online)
Wedding Professional Photographers International (WPPI) online 2020
"Bride or Groom Alone: Wedding Day" Third Place

歐洲Cosmos Awards 2020
Cosmos Awards International Photography & Videography Competition
"Wedding Details" First & Third Place
"Creative Travel and Landscape" First Place
"Wedding Day Couple Together" Second Place
「Pre-wedding (創意)」第2名
"Creative Pre Wedding Composite" Second Place
"Wedding Day Bride Alone" Third Place
亞洲PPAC 2019
Professional Photographers Asia Community (PPAC) 2019
"Wedding" First Place
"Landscape" Second & Third Place
歐洲WPE 2019
Professional Photographers Europe Community (WPE) 2019 
「Pre-wedding (創意)」第2名
"Pre-wedding Composite" Second Place
"Groom Alone Wedding Day" Second Place
歐洲EPA 2020
Expression Photography Awards - International 2020
「婚禮 」第2名
"Wedding" Second Place
亞洲AsiaWPA 2021
Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA) 2021
"Bride or Groom Single (Original)" Second Place
「新娘及新郎合照 (原檔)」第2名
"Bride & Groom Together (Original)" Second Place​​​​​​​
亞洲AsiaWPA 2019
Asia Wedding Photographers Association (AsiaWPA) 2019
"Engagement (not in wedding gowns)" Third Place
"Landscape" Third Place
Master Photographers Association (MPA)  & World Elite Photographers (WEP) Award-winning photographer
Alex於 2018 – 2021 總獲超過160個獎項,作品混合了古典和「超現實」主義,你可以在他作品中找到超現實藝術的元素。
Alex was won more than 160 International photography award in 2018 - 2021, his works are a mix of classicism and surrealism, you can find elements of surreal art in his works.
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