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Canon 香港區代言
Wedding Videography 婚禮攝錄
Asiawpa 亞洲年度十大攝錄師 星級婚禮錄影 • 最佳攝錄
We love to build a world flattened and simple,
With a little brighter and colorful that fits in the frames and you are the main character.
Video Creator
Hong Kong-based wedding videographer
Keith Choi 為新人拍攝的錄像就是有這樣的魔力,與新人一同投入在婚禮中,感受生命中的感動與喜悅,將當日點滴存在錄像中,希望拍攝的每輯婚禮錄像能夠為新人帶來最珍貴的回憶。
2018 All About Wedding 10 Best Wedding Video
2018 WeddingMagazine 13 BEST VIDEOGRAPHY
2019 All About Wedding Top 5 Wedding Video
2020 WeddingMagazine BEST VIDEOGRAPHY
C.lok WeddingVideo|婚禮錄影︱婚禮攝影
2017-10 bestWeddingVideo
2018 AsiaWPA-Bronze
2018-2020 WeddingBestCapture
FB : C.lok
Photography Videography
Wedding Film | Concept Video | Live Streaming
Video creator
Building a bridge between our product and your valuable memory

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