How to capture photos with warmth in weddings 
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攝影師的責任是為新人留住婚禮當中美好的回憶, 而每一個新人都希望能有一個難忘完美的婚禮,為籌備自己的婚禮而做準備。 
考慮是否需要聘請婚禮統籌顧問、大妗姐。選定婚宴形式是中式?西式?晚宴定午宴?日期?地點? 決定婚禮的形式是隆重還是簡約?行禮地點是教堂還是婚姻登記或其他? 選定婚禮的幫手名單,伴娘是誰、姊妹兄弟團是誰、証婚人選擇那位?律師等那一個好? 再之後開始留意婚禮婚紗攝影的資訊,選擇那間婚紗公司好?那位攝影師人選和風格最合適自己?預算要多少? 等等‧‧‧‧‧‧ 
忙了一整年突然今天就是自己的好日子了,接著馬上就接新娘玩遊戲敬茶出門入門再敬茶行婚開席送客,全日的過程就是不停的影相影相影相影相影相‧‧‧‧‧‧ 又再忙碌了一整天,攤在床上望著身邊剛剛成為自己家人,生命中無可代替那的一位。再回想成剛剛發生的一天就好像發了一場夢,一切都跟想像中的一樣完成,但又有一種失真的感覺,好像從第三身的角度見證自己的婚禮一樣。這就是因為你內在還未為自己的婚禮做好準備了,到底要如何準備呢?
 Photographer’s responsibility is to capture the wonderful moments of the couples in weddings. Every couple would want to have an unforgettable and perfect wedding, and for that they will be well prepared for sure. 
While preparing the wedding details, are you also prepared emotionally? Are you ready for the Big Day? To prepare for the wedding, a lot of couples would already start to get busy as early as a year before the big day. 
The groom would propose and get the bride’s family blessing, and arrange for parents from both sides to meet first, pick out the wedding date, formulate the budget for the wedding expenses, decide which party would be responsible for certain expenses, discuss the guest list, estimate the number of guests etc. 
Should a wedding planner or a “Dai Kam Jie” be hired? Chinese or western style wedding? Lunch reception or banquet? Date? Venue? A simple or grand wedding? Should the venue be a church or marriage registry etc? Who can help prepare for the wedding? Who would be the maid of honor? Who should be included as bridesmaid and groomsmen? Which celebrant or lawyer should be picked? Then it will come to looking into the information for wedding gowns and photography. Which wedding gown company should be picked? Which wedding photographer’s style is the best fit? What’s the budget? etc, etc… 
After being busy for the whole year, suddenly it comes to the big day. Going through bride pick up games, tea ceremonies, banquets, farewell to the guests, the itinerary for the whole day would be non-stop photo taking… Recalling the day just happened is like a dream, everything is completed as expected.But then a feeling of distortion arises, as if witnessing the wedding from someone else. This is because you are not emotionally ready for your wedding. How can one prepare oneself?
 It may sound complicated, but it’s actually so simple, which is to enjoy the present moment during the wedding.
 This is also what I request all couples to do whenever I have pre-wedding meetings with them, which is to give enough time for oneself to pull away from the troubles of handling the wedding matters, then you can naturally enjoy your wedding.
 Most of the couples and their families are not used to facing the camera, they are inevitably nervous when they are photographed. Fear not, you just need to trust a photographer who knows how to drive the atmosphere and guide your emotions. He will use his experience and photography skills to find the best angles, composition and light in the wedding scene, taking pictures of the most beautiful, real and warm memories of wedding couple.​​​​​​​
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