我在婚禮早上的拍攝過程 ( 一 )
My shooting process in the morning on the wedding Big Day (1)


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On the morning of the wedding day, when I first arrive at the bride’s place, the bride will already be at the end of the makeup process, and this is a very important moment in my full-day shooting session. 

Weddings in Hong Kong generally have very tight schedule. Not only that I have to cater to the traditional “good timing” to perform the traditional activities, I also have to record every wonderful moment in the morning of the wedding. Starting from 8:30 am till heading out of the bride’s place at the “good timing” around 11:00 am, the shooting time is only two and a half hours. During this time, it is necessary to take some photos of the makeup session, venue decoration, bride dressing the traditional gown, groom and his groomsmen, games, and tea ceremony. Every minute, every second is very precious.

 The first thing I would do upon arrival, besides taking out the shooting equipment that I needed to use, I would also pay attention to the venue and environment.

 Bride’s big day preparation sessions are generally done in hotel rooms or bride’s home. The photos taken in the bride’s home can give a feeling of family and warmth.
 But at the same time, there will be a lot of clutter and mess from daily life, which will increase the difficulty of the shooting process. Therefore, hotel rooms will seem to be a good alternative. Unified interior design, vast space, there will be no clutter around.
 Although it is supposed to be clutter-free, the reality can be quite different because there will still be wedding materials lying around.  The reason why I will first pay attention to the venue and environment, is to have more time to think about the next step, to decide on which is the most suitable photospot, and do some pre-cleaning before the photo shoot starts. 

 The first shot is the layout and items in the bride’s house. These are the careful preparations by the bride and bridesmaid, including the game props, wall decoration stickers, traditional gown and red shoes, and so on. Among these items, gold accessories photo shoot is a top priority. Not only because of the value of gold accessories, but also because pure gold is soft and very malleable, it must be handled with care.

 I have been a wedding photographer for several years. Having shot hundreds of weddings, I would require myself to take photos of the wedding that are different from the previous ones. Taking photos of the gold accessories gives me a lot of room to experiment, using the unique elements and light of different environments, I can make use of the different special features of the gold accessories to make each photo unique. Especially because these gold accessories also represent the blessings of the loved ones, they give a special meaning to the wedding couple.

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