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上一次跟大家分享了婚禮拍攝的兩類,而兩類婚禮拍攝的出發點和要求又有這麼大的分別,今次將會首先為大家講一下Pre-Wedding 婚紗攝影。這一種婚禮拍攝在選擇上可以考慮什麼因素,去決定究竟那一種婚禮攝影師和風格會更合適自己呢?






如果你是這一類的朋友,在Pre-Wedding 拍攝的選擇上,一些專門拍攝情感捕捉,記錄當下隨意而不做作的拍攝類型會更為合適你,在市場上一些俗稱小清新的類型正正是專為這類型客人而設。他們未必有每一張都完美的表情動作或獨一無二有獨特之處的相片,但卻有每一張都是客人真實的情感。

Last time I shared about the two types of wedding photoshoots, and the starting point and requirements of these two types have such a big difference. This time I will first tell you about Pre-Wedding wedding photography. When choosing this type of wedding photoshoot, what factors should be considered to decide which wedding photographer and style will be more suitable for you?

As mentioned earlier, there are many kinds of wedding photographers and styles in Hong Kong. Natural capture, artistic creation, artistic style, etc. If you have zero understanding of wedding photography, only starting to understand the circle of wedding photograph when starting to prepare for the wedding, it will be inevitably difficult to make a choice. Which type is suitable for yourself? Should you pick the most popular type? Or directly ask for referrals from friends who are married or just married?

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and wedding photography is a proof of this promise. Of course, this is a serious decision. A good photographer can help the couple make better memories and create a special gift for thel wedding. 

But there are already a lot of things to deal with in the preparation of the wedding. If you don't have any experience in photography, you have to slowly go through and understand each wedding photographer. It will really tie you up. If you can understand your favorite or suitable shooting style in advance, and make a choice directly on the type you like, it will be much easier to handle.

In order to facilitate you to understand, I will make some suggestions based on personal characteristics, habits and daily preferences. Are you a quiet person and prefer slow living? Are you very active? Or are you a perfectionist?

First of all, I will explain the quiet type of people. They are more easy-going in life and work. They like to experience all the good and bad things in life. They like to experience and feel everything around them. They will not strive to pursue perfection. They will learn from bad experiences. They usually like to travel around and experience the world. They may often go to some workshops to learn some handcrafts. They may like to drink coffee and feel the taste of the coffee beans. “Hipsters” as often mentioned on media, may have less concern on the final product of the photos, and more concern on the photoshoot process with the loved one. The photos may not have to be one of its kind creation, they may care more on whether the photos can reflect true emotions and scenes between the couple.

If you are this type of person, in the choice of Pre-Wedding shooting, you may be more suitable for photographers who specialize in emotion capture, recording the random and unpretentious moments. In the market, there are some commonly known as “hipster” or ”fresh and energetic” style which are specifically designed for this type of people. The photos may not have a perfect facial expression or unique styling, but each photo is reflecting the true emotion of the couple.

This round I have explained the quiet type of people, and next time I will continue with the other two types.
Thank you!

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