What defines a good hotel for Wedding photoshoot 


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For traditional wedding photoshoot, the morning session will take place in the bride’s home. As the living standards of Hong Kong people rise, the requirements for the wedding environment are further enhanced. In addition, in order to facilitate the driving distance between men and women, it is also a common practice to choose a hotel as a place to go.

Recently, some clients will ask me, "Alex, which hotel will have better results for photoshoot?”

There are many different types of hotels on the market, each hotel also has its own brand’s features, and the location of the hotel also depends on personal preference. For me to make suggestions on hotels will not be deem appropriate. However, I can share from my experience on what criteria are for a suitable hotel for photoshoots.

First, lighting is the most important thing in terms of a photoshoot. Therefore, it is very important to have enough sunshine in the venue. Even if the flash or video light can be used to fill the light, it is not as natural as the sun, so a room with good lighting will definitely help the photoshoot.

Second, if you want to be flexible in the composition and angle of the shot, the size and practicality of the room are important. If the room’s space is too small, there will not be much room for movement and fewer angles variations that can be made.

The third point is whether there is another space suitable for photoshoot nearby or inside the hotel. In the morning session for groom’s photoshoot, I will often go to other places near the hotel. Although some hotels have great rooms for indoor photoshoot, the outdoor area is not suitable e.g. busy streets or roads, there are not many places suitable. Some hotels are even in industrial areas with a lot of factories. The photos will definitely be less spectacular.

In a nutshell, if the hotel can meet the above three points at the same time, it is basically very suitable as a place to go.

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