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I have been replying some questions from couples emails, and found one of the most frequently asked question is why there is such a big difference in wedding photographer’s fees. Ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousand of Hong Kong Dollars, why is there such a big gap?

It may sound cliché but it’s true, there is no guiding principle on how wedding photographers charge. The price varies from person to person, and there are a lot of one-stop wedding photography production houses that may charge the same price range but with different qualities.
Most people may feel that wedding photographers can earn a very large income by working only one day. How exactly should a wedding photographer set the price?

In my opinion, it would depend on how the wedding photographer positions oneself in the market. Equipment used, personal skills, popularity, photography experience, awards earned, professional qualifications would also matter.

It is important to note that the wedding photographer does not only work for around 10 hours on the day of the photoshoot. Before the photoshoot even happens, it takes a long time for the photographer to learn and practice. After the photoshoot, there is endless late-night post-processing work. Post-processing for photos would require professional knowledge, photographer’s aesthetics and creativity. Each photo that is handed to the customer, is actually a combination of years of professional skills learned, artistic expression, and time and effort contributed by the photographer.

It may only take one second to snap a photo, but behind it, there is a lot of time for learning and practice, as well as the ultimate expression in the spirit of art.
That is also the reason why it may take a few hours to do post-processing for a good piece of work, and this also depends on how high of oneself’s standard the photographer would like to achieve. That, is the main reason why different photographers will charge differently.

I, as a wedding photographer, might as well take the opportunity to introduce to you about my work here in this blog.

Working as a wedding photographer in Hong Kong, normally it takes about 11 to 15 hours of work everyday. For me, I usually will schedule appointments to meet my clients at least 1 month ahead to confirm the details of the photoshoot, to ensure there can be enough time for each session on the day of the photoshoot for me to capture important moments for the couple.

On the day of the photoshoot, I would also have to travel through different districts in Hong Kong for all the locations for the wedding. Every time when I arrive at the venue, because of the heavy bags of equipment that I am carrying, I would already be quite out of breath. When I arrive at the venue, first thing I would do is to pay attention to the best photo spot, and then I would follow the predefined process to make photo-taking arrangements.

Bride makeup and change of clothes > Photoshoot for Groom and Groomsmen > Play pick up Bridge games > Tea ceremony > Photoshoot with wedding cars > Moves to Groom’s place and tea ceremony > Lunch > Outdoor photoshoot > Photo-taking with banquet guests > Couple march-in > Wedding banquet > Wine Toasting > Photo-taking with the remaining guests > Farewell to the guests

In this east-meet-west city of Hong Kong, wedding ceremonies can be more cumbersome and compact then other cities. It is not easy to hold a wedding that can satisfy all requirements.
To capture all the moments of a wonderful wedding, you would definitely need a wedding photographer that is experienced and very passionate for photography.

From now on, I will be updating this blog from time to time, to share some interesting things about photography.
Thank you!

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