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I have mentioned before that when choosing wedding photography, you may understand yourself from your personality, lifestyle habits and daily preferences, to choose the wedding photographer that suits you.  As for the wedding day shooting, there is a big difference in the aspects that you have to pay attention to. Because the wedding day will be affected by the wedding ceremony style and location, the photo shoot method will be different.  Rather than the pursuit of the most perfect photo, we should focus more on capturing the emotions and memories of the newlyweds and their family and friends on the wedding day.

 In this case, the photographer’s skills on the following four points will have a great impact on the wedding photoshoot.
 1. Understanding the wedding day rundown
 2. Able to sense the changes in emotions of the people
 3. Responding quickly to unexpected incidents at the scene
 4. Using the “photographic eye” to instantly pick up the most appropriate location for photoshoot

 The above four points have great impact on whether the photographer can utilize his/her usual photography technique to the max on the wedding day.

1 - Understanding the wedding day rundown
 Wedding day photography is inseparable from the rundown, and countries in the world have their own set of wedding procedures and ceremonies. Photographers need to be familiar with the wedding day rundown. They cannot delay the original rundown due to photoshoot, or miss out some of the photoshoot session because the rundown got delayed. More importantly, the photographer can be pre-emptive on the wedding day, to predict and be ready to capture the next key moment in advance. So that the best photo opportunity will not be missed because of changing lenses, controlling lights, changing angles etc. 

 2 - Able to sense the changes in emotions of the people
 Wedding photography is very different from other types of photography, it cannot be just using the best equipment or photography skills to take the most touching photos.  A wedding happens because of a combination of two people’s feelings for each other, and the most important thing on the wedding day is emotion. The love of parents and children, the love of bride and bridesmaids, the love of groom and groomsmen, and the love between the newlyweds. If the photographer can't feel the emotion between the people, a lot of emotional capture will be missed out. 

3 - Responding quickly to unexpected incidents at the scene
 Even if the wedding rundown is prepared with detailed steps to follow, there will always be sudden incidents that will make a difference with the original plan. If the photographer is not resilient enough, time will be wasted when facing problems and failing to solve them immediately.

4 - Using the “photographic eye” to instantly pick up the most appropriate location for photoshoot
 There are many locations to go on the wedding day, and each location can stay for a small amount of time only. In addition to the usual snapshots during the rundown, in many cases between the sessions, the photographer will take some posed photos, and there is usually only five to ten minutes.  If the photographer doesn’t have a pair of “photographic eyes”, it may not be possible to capture some beautiful pictures in such a short period of time.

 The four articles so far have discussed about pre-wedding and wedding day photography, on how you can choose a photographer.  If you have any questions about the choice of wedding photography services, I hope this information can help answer them.

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